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Terms and Conditions

Fishing Rules

We try to keep these as simple as possible and ask that all customers read them before starting to fish. Fishery Rules are there to ensure that everyone makes the most of their fly fishing break, safely and whilst respecting the unique experience Gludy offers.

Gludy is strictly fly fishing only on a pure catch and release basis. If a fish is accidentally damaged and needs to be dispatched, it must be left inside the boathouse.

Fish are not to be eaten or removed from Gludy Lake.

You may use any type or number of flies, but the hooks must be barbless or have their barbs crushed using a pair of pliers.

Use a landing net to catch the fish, and only handle fish with wet hands. Each boat must have at least one landing net in it. Once caught, fish must be rested in the water until they are ready to swim away.

Boats are only allowed on the lake between sunrise and sunset. We cannot permit fishing in the dark or at night, for safety reasons.

Paddling and swimming and wading are not allowed in the lake at any time.

The wearing of self-inflating lifejackets is mandatory. These are supplied. We will supply lifejackets for children, on request and by prior arrangement.

We are sorry but children under the age of 10 are not allowed on the lake under any circumstances. Children between 10 and 16 are allowed on the lake with a responsible adult.

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