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To ensure the highest quality fishing experience we take a long term view to the management of the fishery. We operate a pure catch and release policy, allowing our stock of Blue, Brown & Rainbows to mature to majestic, full finned trout in as natural an environment as possible.

New stock are introduced at intervals throughout the year - smaller fish at between 1lb & 2lbs - which are encouraged to roam wild and mature into large, feisty Gludy trout, with every chance of taking you down to your backing.

We often exceed a period of over two years without a blank day - even for novice anglers, and an average catch rate of 10 fish per angler per day. This is achieved through a finely managed balance of low intensity fishing. We work to a maximum of ten anglers on the entire lake - ensuring the most enjoyable fishing experience for all.

At various stages throughout the year you can witness healthy hatches of olives, buzzers, damsels, sedges and fry providing abundant natural food for the trout and plenty of fishing styles for you to imitate at all times of the year. Gludy Lake offers all anglers a truly unique fly fishing experience and we provide a personal service to meet your individual needs.

We can offer highly qualified tuition to fine tune your casting/presentation techniques or as a guide to help you make the most of the valuable time spent fishing.

Just ask if there is anything we can do to enhance you visit to Gludy.

Please see our Prices page for details on our season rates